Jim and Norm; I want you both to know Lane and I had a GREAT time fishing with you! .... Russell Firkins

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Current Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

This is the best resource for first-hand fishing action. Keep checking back for the latest conditions on the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Learn where the fish are biting and how many fish got pulled in the boat under the watch of our expert fishing guides.


We have a few things that we are excited about this 2015 year! [More]


The best 2014-2015 steelhead by far is going on right now!![More]


Happy New Year to all our fishing fanatics out there! We hope you are ready for an what we are seeing as an awesome start to this 2015 year![More]


Great news to all the anglers out there![More]


The fishing on the Snake River has been fair to good with some really nice B-Run steelhead headed for the salmon being caught! The main stem is still fairly warm and so fishing is still concentrated up around the mouth of the salmon. [More]


The slow fishing is over! Huge numbers of steelhead finally showed up at the mouth of the Salmon River today. [More]


The Hells Canyon Sport Fishing crew has returned back from their summer adventures and are officially in full force this fall season on the Snake and Salmon Rivers! [More]


The Columbia River salmon fishing the last couple weeks has been an unforgettable experience! There are more fish in the system this season than I have ever experienced. 30-50 hook-ups per day are common right now with the huge numbers of silvers that are moving in quick. [More]


The big river is full of fish and a good mix of Kings and silvers can be caught now if you can manage to be in the right spots at the right times. [More]


Buoy 10 report: Fishing has been much, much better this week. We are starting to see a better morning bite no matter the tide, which tells me the fish are starting to hold in the river. [More]


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